A miracle that allows us all to see, perhaps for the first time,

that we are

one people, living together on one planet-

  all human beings in need of love, care, kindness & compassion.

We are not just responsible for ourselves

but also for the well- being of others in need.

We are all in this together.

Those of us who are alive on the planet now have never experienced

a global pandemic: a world-wide disaster.

My hope is that living through this difficult time

will give us the wisdom to turn it into

 a once in a lifetime opportunity…..

a chance to change everything.


I am hoping the world will see, at last,

that financial wealth is not the goal of life.

It is not the path to happiness.

Real wealth is found when all of us live in harmony with each other

respecting and caring for all life forms and the planet itself.


 “When this is over, we must finally accept 

that we are guests on this planet- not it’s masters”


Accept the premise that everyone deserves a decent place to live, food on the table

and medical care when they are ill.

Extend this reverence for life to the animals that share this planet with us

and to the planet itself-

Our Only Home


We must change our priorities and

our definition of what is necessary-

and what is acceptable

not just for a few, but for all of us.

Who is willing

 to work for this change –

to demand this change?

Today, Health Care Workers are not only saving lives

but they are now giving their lives every day to help others- people they don’t even know..

There is no greater sacrifice, no greater example of what humanity can be.

I pray there will be a day when we all awaken to the fact that

there is no more me, no more you, no  more them.

There is only us


Covid-19 is offering us time to think about what we need to change,

to find a way to emerge from this with an open heart,

 a resolve to do better.

Humanity on this planet will only thrive when

we begin acting not as citizens of a country,

but when we become Citizens of Earth,

humans beings all sharing the planet……

Brothers and Sisters.

Where each and every one of us is valued .

I don’t know if this will ever happen.

That’s not up to me.

It’s up to everyone on the planet.

I merely pose the question and

The question is:

Do you want this chance to change our world?


“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

I hope someday you will join us

and the world will live as one.”


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