Our Season of Liberation

I believe in the saying:

“For every thing there is a season

and a time for every purpose under Heaven.”

Many of us considered ourselves “liberated” women in the 60’s and 70’s

when we started our adult lives

Now, as we approach the end of all that stretched out before us so many years ago,

we have an opportunity to be liberated again.

 Every ending brings a new beginning.

 This is finally the season for many of us

in our sixties and beyond

who are divorced, widowed or still married,

to begin a new phase of our lives .

We have been liberated from all the roles we’ve had to play

and from many of the duties and expectations surrounding those roles.

Some, for the first time,

will be experiencing this new season

without a man in their lives;

due to divorce, death or disinterest!

A life of our own; defined only by us,

might be frightening at first

but can be exhilarating as well.

At this point in time,

We are no longer able to re-produce,

(Thank God)

not looking for approval or validation,


no longer searching for a mate.

We are comfortable in our own skin-

wrinkled though it may be.

Most of us are retiring or near the end of our professional lives.

We have raised our kids, loved, cared for and buried our parents

and don’t need to tolerate relationships

that sap our energy and waste our time.

Partners or friends who aren’t able to recognize or appreciate our

 intelligence, strength, accomplishment and compassion,

don’t need to be in our lives.

Now there is only time and energy for those who love and support us.

It’s time to become the center of our own lives,

which is contrary to everything we were taught as children

and practiced as adults and parents.

Carpe Diem!

Seize the day, buy the dress, take the vacation.

Re-invent yourself and then wake up tomorrow and do it again.

Have some fun!

What are you waiting for?

Don’t feel the least bit guilty about it

because we have earned it.

The prospect of this new-found freedom should bring excitement

as we enter this new phase our lives.

Growing older doesn’t seem to have a lot of advantages in this culture

but one of the best is that

The superficial aspects of life have quietly faded away

along with our youth.


We no longer need to be self-conscious at the beach

because NO ONE is looking at us!

The only expectations we need to fulfill are those we have for ourselves.

That is freedom!

I love the saying :

” Aging is not about becoming who we are.

 It’s about letting go of who we aren’t.”

Let’s keep letting go of things,

situations and people

that no longer serve us or fit into our lives,

until we are reduced to the most concentrated,

 powerful, vibrant version of ourselves:

Older Woman XXX…

Triple Strength!

Let’s make this

The Most Exciting Time in our lives…….

Our Last Season of Liberation.

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