Letting Go of Summer



As Summer falls away,

she leaves me with a myriad of vivd memories.

All the images are worth savoring and they are coming with me,


Autumn sends a note of small brown leaves,

floating on air,

announcing her arrival.

The seasons are all visitors.

I’m happy to see them come and

I’m sad when they leave;

but there is always another to follow and that is exciting.

Sometimes it’s good to remember just how wonderful every day life really is.

These are some of my Summer memories:

 Bright Starry Nights… Fawns playing in the vineyard…. Sounds of the Stream…… Great Finds at the Flea Market… Hot, Sunny Days….. Fresh Peaches…. Crazy Hail Storms… Hummingbirds and Honeysuckle….Beautiful Weddings ….. Tomato & American Cheese on White with Mayo……. Dozens of new, baby goldfish appearing in the pond…….wonderful visits with old friends…..Ice Cream….. The Majesty of Thunder & Lightening Storms…. Wind Chimes…. The Solar Eclipse… Peace & Quiet… A few wonderful days away.. Sadness at the passing of another season.. and joy that I was here to experience all of it.


I’ve stopped making too many plans

or thinking a lot about the future .

Because the truth is:

You just don’t know what’s coming.

So, swim in the present moment,

“until your fingers get all pruny”.

That’s the only sensible thing to do.

After you do that- gently let go of Summer.

 All you have to do is relax and wait for your old friend, Autumn

to appear in all her splendor.

Welcome her with open arms because

she is bringing

more wonderful things, new experiences,

 and another season of change and surprise.

And Rejoice!

Rejoice that you are here to see it.

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