Peace for Christmas

This year, let’s make sure we don’t let all the craziness in the world

distract us from the real message of Christmas.

Because we need it more than ever.

We need to make time to celebrate the birth of a man

who stood for so many things lacking in today’s world.

He  was a man who believed in


above all else.

Love for your fellow man, your family,

the poor, the sick, the oppressed, the elderly,

and especially,

those who had lost their way.

He believed

All men and all creatures are deserving of Love


Even those who were responsible for his own death had his

Love and Forgiveness.

That’s a tough one to grasp, I’ll admit.

He believed we should help each other,

with no thought of what might come to us in return.

He preached Non-Violence even in the midst of violence toward him.

He believed it important to forgive those  who have hurt us;

especially those who have hurt us most..

You don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate the things that Jesus taught.

His teachings are universal.






They apply to all of us- every one on the planet.

My wish this year, is that we all try to follow one of his most important teachings….

to live in Peace with others.

A first step toward that is to act respectfully

toward those with whom we have differences.

We don’t need to have the same beliefs

in order to have a basic level of respect for the rest of humanity.

We are all on this beautiful planet together.

Let’s  make this Christmas Season Peaceful:

in our hearts

in our homes

in our towns

in our country


in our world.

Let’s give Jesus a gift he would really want for his birthday.


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