Falling out of Summer

As Summer gently falls away,

she leaves me with a myriad of vivid memories,

all worth savoring and remembering.

They are coming with me

as Autumn lightly taps at my door

to let me know she’s on her way.

The seasons are all visitors .

I’m happy to see them come and I’m sad when they go

but there is always another coming

and that is exciting.

I am so grateful for the joy each and every day brings.

Sometimes, it’s good to remember just how wonderful life really is!

These are the memories my Summer leaves behind:

Hot, Sunny Days

Twin Fawns Playing in Our Vineyard……

Living in nature’s beauty…..

Sounds of the Stream…..

Great Finds at the Flea Market…..

Weeding the Garden

Fresh Peach Cobbler…..


Hummingbirds & Honeysuckle….

Snapshots of  Beautiful Weddings…..

 Books I didn’t want to end……

The satisfaction of doing good work…..

 Gentle breezes…..


 Phoebe’s Nest above our door (10th year).

Lotus Flowers in the Pond….

Happiness & Laughter….

Bird Songs I cannot identify….

Wonderful lunches with old friends….

Spectacular Sunsets and Meteor Showers….

Too Many Ice Cream Cones….

The Majesty of Thunder & Lightening Storms.

 New Recipes ….

Shadows & Sun moving on the Mountain….

Wind Chimes….

The Pain of  Loss….

Laughing with Friends….

A few wonderful days away….

The Sound of Cicadas.

Sadness at another season passing….


Joy that I was here to see it.

My Summer was LIFE….

the good, the bad, the unforgettable , the mundane

the sublime and the painful.

Each day is a step forward into something new.

I’ve stopped making too many plans,

thinking about the future too much

because the truth is:

You just don’t know what’s coming.


Swim in the present moment “until your fingers get all pruney”.

That’s the only sensible thing to do!

Take all those wonderful moments with you along the way


Don’t forget to make room for the new ones yet to come.




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