The Extinction of Elegance


I’m sorry to report that Elegance is fading….. into oblivion.

Am I the only person upset by this distressing turn of events?

The current generation seems to have based its entire identity on

Big Boobs, Big Asses & Grotesquely plumped lips .

Sexy is Big.

Trashy is Big.

Outrageous is Big.

The Kardashians are Big.


Not so much!


When I was growing up,

these women were elegant;

Their style was timeless and

influenced an entire generation.


Jacqueline Kennedy


Audrey Hepburn


Grace Kelly

There were many more women who were elegant in many walks of life,

but I chose these three because

they have always epitomized elegance to me personally.

They were not without their flaws. But being flawed is merely  being human.

Their beauty was a part of it, of course.

But more than that; it was their style,

their talent,

their uniqueness,

their fluidity,

the way they moved, the way they spoke.

They had

“that certain something”,

an indefinable quality,

or as the French call it:

“Je ne sais quoi”

The Free Dictionary defines elegance  as

“refinement, grace, beauty in movement, appearance and manners”.

Our  current culture is besotted with celebrity and outrageousness.

We find it difficult to recognize or enjoy anything subtle, simple or quiet;

Elegance is not just a fashion term.

It goes far beyond that.

It’s knowing who you are and being true to that; in a quiet way.

It’s living your life with grace, in grace..

Maybe the time for such things has passed.

Perhaps Elegance has no place in the world today.

But I believe the world would be a better place if more of it existed.

Politeness, kindness, good manners,

respect, intelligent speech and considerate behavior ……

are no longer valued by society in general.

Today,the middle finger says it all.

No need for other forms of communication.

We have gained so much in the past fifty years in terms of technology,

but we have lost so much of our humanity.

We’re polluting our planet, hunting and killing our animals to the brink of extinction.

We’re killing each other and we’re filled with hatred and intolerance.

We have become a disposable society .

We no longer value quality.

Money, wealth and power are the gods many worship.

I suppose the disappearance of Elegance is a minor tragedy compared to all of that.

But, It was part of what made us a civilized society,

and if we lose all of it,

we lose a piece of our soul.


That is a tragedy.

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