Keep Moving!

 Everything is about timing.

It’s about knowing when to move along from something old

to something new.

So many times in life we get stuck,

 in a behavioral rut

or in a relationship that no longer works.

We cannot imagine something new in our lives,

so we stick to what is familiar;

even if it’s no longer making us happy.

So, I’m here to plant just a small seed in your mind.

Know when it’s time to move along

and just do it.

Whatever it is… a job, a relationship, a place to live, or a new hairdo.

There is always a voice inside that knows the truth.

I know this because I spent many years ignoring that voice.

Big Mistake……. HUGE mistake!

 We choose not to listen because what it says might be inconvenient or too scary.

Listen to it, act on it.

Don’t be afraid.

It’s only you telling you the truth!

Our dreams can change without us even noticing.

Then, one day we wake up and realize

we’re not even close to being on the right path.

That’s when it’s time to make a change.

In every ending there is a gift.

The gift is a new beginning,

a fresh start, a new direction,

a chance for growth and happiness.

Embrace the endings because that’s what leads to a new chapter in your life.

It’s what takes you to the next level.

Just embrace it

and move along, please!

And, oh yes………..






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