67 Shades of Gray


The answer to the questions

“How old am I and what is the true color of my hair?”

(under the red dye job)

This begs the question:

“When is the right time to allow your hair to be the color it really is……

if that color is GRAY?”

It’s not just about the color.

It’s a social statement.

It’s a commitment to accept where you are in life.

It’s moving to the next level ,

 letting go of the illusion of youth


embracing the realities of aging.

Am I really ready for that?

My husband is nine years younger than I am.

He has a full head of gray hair and looks better than he ever has.

I have a semi-full head of  red hair because if I didn’t dye it,

I would look like his mother.


I don’t want to look like his mother.

How do we embrace what is and find a way to celebrate it?

I’ve given myself 3 more years.

When I turn 70, I am going to re-evaluate my position

and think about going gray.

I can’t promise I’m going to do it…… ever!

But I am going to think about it.

I am going to chant the name IRIS APFEL every day

to get in touch with the defiant

“gray haired warrior”within me.


I feel young on the inside.

 I really don’t understand why my exterior isn’t cooperating with the program.

My dream is to be one of those women who goes gracefully

through every stage of life ;

still quirky, hip , wise, funny, fashionable and witty.

…growing older but still being me.

Can I be all that and be gray too?

  I want to look in the mirror and see the person I feel like on the inside.

Right now, that person has red hair.

Maybe one day I’ll wake up and have the courage to embrace

the rockin’ old lady I am…..

even with my 67 shades of gray hair!

We’ll see.

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