PETA…. Heaven seems to be on your side!

During her life, my mother had many fur coats.

That was fairly normal in the 50’s and 60’s.

If your husband could afford it, he bought you a Mink coat or a Fox coat

or a Raccoon or a Sheared Beaver.

When she died, I gave them all away because I didn’t want to wear them.

I already suffer from severe self-loathing because I am unable to give up eating meat!

I don’t need to compound my guilt by wearing fur!

A few years after my mother died, I had a very vivid dream about her.

I was at a party and suddenly she ( young and beautiful) walked through the door

and right across the room toward me.

Mom was wearing a full length coat

made from squares of many different kinds of animal fur.

It was a long patch-work fur coat!

I walked over to her and said: Mom, where have you been?

She looked at me as though I was the world’s biggest moron and replied:

“Well, I am dead Janice. I’ve been in heaven!

Because I could not ignore the fact she was wearing this bizarre coat,

I asked what she was wearing and why?

As if we were sharing an embarrassing secret, she leaned into me and said:

They are not very happy with me because of all the animals

that had to die to make my fur coats.

So, they made this one for me to wear until I understand that

“All life is sacred”.

Then, as if resigned to this humiliating fate, she whispered:

“It’s awfully heavy, but I suppose I had it coming”.

The dream ended.

I believe we now have empirical evidence that Heaven is against fur coats.


“Because my Mother said so”

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