French Dressing


French Women have more style than anyone on earth.

That might be a bold statement,

but it is a fact.

Fashion is a celebration of their individuality and it shows .

Their confidence, which is very apparent in their demeanor,

is one of the reasons they are so attractive to men

and the envy of other women.

You won’t see any of them shabbily dressed in public.

French women don’t wear “yoga pants” and sneakers on the Place Madeleine.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of Americans who do!

When visiting this amazing city, our motto should be ” When in Paris…….”


Parisian women wear a great deal of black and I love that.

Black can make you look sophisticated or invisible, depending on your mood.

In Paris, black is always chic and

very visible, because of how it’s accessorized.

Sometimes, it is popped with another color, or a multi colored print.

Or, the look could be all black, stunning red lips and red ankle boots.

There is always a bit of drama in their fashion.


What’s captivating about French style is the

 ability to make a stunning ensemble look as if it were casually “thrown together”.

Don’t be deceived by that.

There is a thoughtful art to French Dressing,

it doesn’t happen spontaneously.

An outfit is so much more than a few pieces of clothing..

A French woman knows this and accessorizes accordingly.

One of the most important accessories is


Scarves are not just for cooler weather, although that’s when most American women wear them.

Just when you think you’ve seen every way possible to tie a scarf-

a Parisian woman shows you a new one.

Tying a scarf is an art form in Paris.

 Scarves adorn  Parisian women in a hundred different ways;

around the wrist, on a hand bag or even on their heads and they always look DIVINE!

 I once saw a young woman sitting at a cafe on the Blvd St Germain,

her legs crossed and a small scarf tied around her ankle.

She looked enchanting.

( Check out

for 25 ways to tie a scarf in 4.5 minutes)

Parisian women simply have a great deal of style

and all seem to be quite content with themselves.

I wish I knew where to buy that self confidence.

I’d order a really big bucket of it!

Enjoying food, wine, dessert, fashion and all of life’s wonderful things,

is an important part of their culture.

They savor life.

But they are also very disciplined…..

They believe in moderation.

French women also believe in letting their fashion speak for them.

Fascination with French fashion and French women is nothing new.

Paris has been setting fashion trends in

 the rest of the world for hundreds of years.

Wealthy women were traveling to Paris in the 1800’s to bring back French Gowns

for their Social Season or their Wedding Trousseaus.

Americans really got hooked when

Coco Chanel made Parisian Couture “de rigueur”

by changing the face of fashion in the last century.


American women were besotted by Parisian Designers

Balenciaga, Lanvin, Dior, Chanel & Schiaparelli.

They couldn’t wait to read

about every new fashion trend in Vogue


It’s been love ever since.

I know I have been fascinated by everything French since I was 12

and I have no idea why.

The first poster in my room was of Mont St Michel,

the second was of John Paul Belmondo;

a brooding French movie star with a Gauloise always dangling from his pouty lips.

(That was my bad boy phase)



I think in my heart and soul I am French.

While you and I can’t actually be French,

we can borrow their style, their attitude and embrace

their “je ne sais quoi“….

“that certain something”.

If this appeals to you too, here are a few pieces to consider

adding to your closet for your  personal version of

“French Dressing”


Remember, it’s not about what you wear.

It’s about how you put it together and how you wear it…..

It’s style, fashion and attitude.

That’s French Dressing.

We can all do that!

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