A Perfect Backyard Wedding

In the past six years, I’ve worked on over 150 weddings.

Everyone has an idea of what constitutes the perfect wedding.

It’s the goal of every planner, stylist and bride to create one.

A few weeks ago,

something wonderful and unexpected happened:

I experienced

The perfect wedding.

 I had been working on this wedding with the Mother of the Bride for almost six months.

It was a totally successful collaboration.

As Interior Designers, we both have

 a similar aesthetic and

she really knows her daughter

( who lived 3,000 miles away).

We planned this wedding with the Bridal Couple in mind.

We had a few requests from them, but not many.

We all wanted simple, beautiful and fun.


They chose the home of the Bride’s parents for the wedding and reception.

The Bride wore her mother’s wedding dress and looked radiant, demure and lovely.

She was everything  a bride should be.

She’s a cheese maker in California and had made special cheeses to be served at the event.

They wanted a small trio to play great music.

The wedding was to be an intimate get together, not a Hollywood Production.

In our minds we were all on the same page.

We were elated the day of the wedding dawned  rain-free,

after a nasty storm the day before.

And so… we began.

The Dessert Table was filled with fabulous cakes and pies

decorated with fruits and delicate, sugar dusted flowers.

All these wonderful confections were baked by one of the bride’s best friends.



The Bride walked with her Dad across their lovely patio to meet her groom.

Her mother was her Matron of Honor.

There was fabulous food, wonderful champagne,

heartfelt toasts and stories

and love……

Lots of Love.

Love was present in such a way that the entire event

was quietly but firmly built on a foundation of it.

Three Generations were there,

celebrating their lives together and this new chapter for every one.

Happiness for this wonderful couple and joy in sharing each other’s company

was the mantra of the night.

Everywhere you looked, there were smiles and laughter.

Wonderful music floated softly on the night air.

It was reminiscent of a lovely, old romantic movie.


People were laughing, dancing and talking all night

under the stars and the glow of

Edison lights, twinkling in the trees.


The entire night was about family and friends and

how much the newlyweds loved them and were loved by them.







An event is initially a template of many elements,

until the guests arrive.

Then, the event has a beating heart, and a personality.

That’s when it begins to breathe and take shape.

In this case, the stars aligned to create something wonderful.

You need your guests to bring the event to life.

At this wedding, that’s when the magic happened.

The guests somehow reflected the vision we all had for the wedding

and they helped to create it.

When I came home that night my husband asked me how it went.

I thought for a moment and said:

“I think creatively, it was the best day of my life.

It was the perfect mix of beauty and love.”

It was the Perfect Wedding!

One thought on “A Perfect Backyard Wedding

  1. Looks so beautiful. I wish I knew you when my daughter got married, although it didn’t take. She did it a second time in NYC can and it worked out better !!!,


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