Multiple Style Disorder

I think I may have developed a new, previously undiagnosed condition.

I call it: ” Multiple  Style Disorder”

I can’t be the only woman who’s contracted this.

There must be thousands, if not millions of us!

I’m tired of the “pick one style and go with it” concept.

I feel different when I wake up each day.

I don’t want to just pick one style for the rest of my life.

There is no thought that horrifies me more !

Monday, I may be spending the day running errands ,

so I might feel like wearing Free People.

The next day,

if  I’m meeting with a client, and I want to look professional,

I might put together a skirt and jacket from Talbots .

Another day, looking preppy, but stylish,

 a Ralph Lauren dress might catch my eye.

I love printed, funky Boho shirts from Johnny Was

and crisp white tailored button down shirts.

I love EVERYTHING from Eileen Fisher.

Let’s be honest- I love everything!

( let’s exclude the current “hooker look” I see young girls wearing way too often!)


Can all these styles co-exist inside one person?

Yes, they can and they do.

We have different style needs on a daily basis.

Why should we be confined to only one ?

Do you want to be known as a fashion “one trick pony”?

I think not.

But if you do, that’s fine too.

Some women feel more comfortable looking into a closet where everything is the same.

No distractions… whatever she pulls out will “look like her”.

That doesn’t work for me.

There are too many people living inside my head to be satisfied with just one style.

I get bored. I need change.

I’ve also got a closet full of enough different fashion styles

to clothe even the most serious style schizophrenic.


Lately, I’ve noticed  how I dress affects my attitude for the day.

 I seem to exude different aspects of my personality based on how I dress.

Don’t ever “arrive” at a style destination and stay there.

Pause , enjoy some time there, swim in it until your fingers get all pruny,

but then move on.

There’s always a new style to explore.


The great thing about getting older is:

I no longer care what others think.

I do this only for me.

I dress to please me.

It’s an interesting phenomenon.

When we begin to think of only pleasing ourselves,

 people start noticing us.

We seem to be pleasing to them.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve seen it happen a lot.

I think it’s because we’re confident in ourselves and how we look.

Today- dress to please the person you feel like being.

Tomorrow, wake up and re-invent yourself again.

In my younger days, I felt like a fashion failure

because I didn’t really have “a style”.

I realize now.. that is a gift.


My recognizable style is that I have a lot of styles.

I’m free to be whoever I want to be, at the moment.

Ladies…. go forth

and embrace this ” fashion schizophrenia”.

 Wear something reflective of your mood in the moment.

There are many sides to your personality.

Embrace them all.

After all, no one ever went to Fashion Prison for having too much style!

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