The Magic of Water

Water is one of our most basic needs;

one of the essentials for all life.

Humans need it, plants need it, animals need it, the planet needs it.

But beyond the need for water

is our love for it.

Holidays and vacations are spent in and around water-

oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and swimming pools.

The most expensive real estate on the planet is ocean front property.

Kids love nothing more than splashing in a little pool, a bath tub or

running through the spray of a lawn sprinkler.

My brother spent his entire childhood playing in mud puddles!

When we moved to our house 11 years ago- we had everything that mattered to us:

a gorgeous view of the mountains and sky, sweeping vistas over rolling hills and valleys, trees and fields.

The only thing missing was the pond

 we’d had at other homes.

My husband doesn’t care about having a pond.

To him, it’s just one more thing to maintain.

But, I do care.

I need to hear water. I need to see it and sit by it. It calms me.

I needed the magic of water.

We created a small flowing stream running the length of our patio

and a pond with a water fall at the end of the stream.

Now I am able to see water and hear the babbling brook

and watch as it becomes a waterfall.

I am in heaven.


Every one should experience the restorative effects of a water feature.

Maybe it’s just an old wheelbarrow,

filled with water and a couple of plants, perched on the edge of your garden.


Find something to re-purpose

and create your own version of a water garden.


 Even if it’s less than grand,

the birds and other small animals will appreciate a place to have a drink.

Just add a little pump that circulates the water and keeps it moving.


 find a few pieces of pottery and build a small pond around them.

You’ll need a small pump and some water plants and

you can make the water bubble out of the jugs into the shallow pond.

Decorate the edges with interesting tiles and a few plants

and you’ll have a little bit of heaven in your own backyard.




If you don’t have outdoor space

go to the nursery and purchase a few water plants ,

fill glass vessels with water and some smooth stones,

group them together near a window and


you have an indoor water garden.
















The presence of a water feature

 no matter how diminutive,

will bring more birds and wild life than you can imagine.

The first night we filled our pond, a little frog came from behind the house and plopped himself right in the water.

It creates a little self-sustaining universe where everything is in balance.

It’s the way our world could be if we didn’t interfere so much.

You simply have to set the wheels in motion with fish, oxygenating plants, water lilies and a re-circulating pump.

The fish will find their own food in the vegetation,

they will have their babies,

the water will clear

and you’ll have something amazing to experience.

One of the newest trends is the swimming “pond”.

Instead of using chlorine and chemicals,

the swimming pond uses plants to filter the water

The water stays clear enough and clean enough for swimming.

You can actually modify an existing swimming pool to become

a natural swimming pond……The best of both worlds.









The world is a magical place,

but I find the things I love most are the simple ones-

water, sun, a breeze blowing through the trees, the sound of birds.

Water is a tonic for my spirit and a symphony to my ears.

I hope these photos inspire you to find a way to create magic in your backyard

I hope it brings you joy and soothes your soul.

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