Let’s Have a Picnic

It seems I’ve been waiting for Spring forever!

Now that’s it’s finally  here,

I’m working on the gardens,

and doing all the requisite chores that come with Spring.

But what I’ve been thinking about

is the coming of Summer.

I know…. that’s not exactly “living in the moment”!

Spring is about new beginnings, new projects, planning….

Summer is about having fun!

One of the best things about Summer is having picnics.

 I love picnics.

I’m already planning our family Summer picnic!


When I was young

my family was together almost every Sunday

and during the summer months,

we would swim all day and have huge Family Picnics late on a Sunday afternoon.

My grandmother would make her famous apple pie or chocolate cake.

We had deviled eggs, baked beans, dozens of ears of corn, macaroni and cheese, burgers, hot dogs.

My Dad would make Homemade Ice Cream.

It was awesome!

Picnics bring people together-

to talk, to experience good food, to have fun and build memories.

I loved them when I was a kid and I love them now.

I hope these ideas and recipes inspire you to enjoy your own picnic this Summer.

Sit at long tables filled with family and friends

or make it just the two of you,

 on a blanket in the park

or at the beach .

Doesn’t matter where it is.

Experience the romance and fun of a picnic.

You don’t need a $400 Ascot Picnic Basket with fine china to have a proper picnic.

Actually, you don’t want a “proper picnic”.

Too boring!

All you need is a little basket to carry your food, some napkins, a cloth

and some utensils.

Or, you can do something more elegant!

That’s the beauty of a picnic.

It can be any thing you want it to be.

I’ve had picnics

at the beach on New Years Day,

sitting in the Tuilleries Gardens in Paris,


in front of the fireplace on a chilly Summer night.

They were all unforgettable.

Picnics fall into two categories for me.

The first is an Old Fashioned Family Picnic-

with the food spread out on long picnic-style tables,

   checkered tablecloths, games and traditional food.

This is the type of  picnic I try to have every Summer

for my family.

Every one loves getting together .

 My family isn’t into trying new things. So the menu is pretty tradtional.

But there are no rules that say you can’t

“up your game” a bit by trying some new twists on more traditional recipes !

 Smokey Bourbon Barbecued Baked Beans



 Bacon, Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs


 Red Skin Potato Salad with Dill and Horseradish Aioli


Fresh Blueberry Pudding Cake


One- Bowl White Cake WIth Buttercream Frosting

( 100 year old recipe)


All the recipes in this post ( and many more)

can be found by going to:


Search for :

Jan McGinley

then go to my Board-

(Let’s Have a Picnic)

The second category is the

Romantic Summer Picnic for Two



Pick your special Place.


decide to take a drive or a bicycle ride

and just stop when you find a spot that appeals to you.

You’ll want to travel light if walking is involved!

A Picnic Basket is always a nice touch and you’ll need a cloth .

You can do something as simple as

Cheese, Grapes and

A Great bottle of Wine


something decadent like

Strawberries and Champagne.

Make it a surprise.

Another idea is to pack some special sandwiches on French Bread,

 wrap them in paper

and serve with grapes and your favorite cheese.


Or try these special Meatloaf Sandwiches by Tom Collichio. They are fabulous!


For a special side, bring along a jar of Marinated Feta with peppers

and sun dried tomatoes.

Easy to make!


For a beverage, pop some French Limonade Bottles

in your picnic basket.



C’est Tout!

Simple, every day things can be made special

with just a little imagination.

Do something romantic and fun.

Surprise your Guy (or Girl)

Every one loves a little Romance!

Every one loves a little Fun.

Why not combine the two in a picnic

and see what happens?

That’s all I’m sayin’.

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