Design Addict Redux

It’s Happening!

The Living Room is being transformed.

 It might not be what you would expect after reading my last Design Addict Post.

It’s true, I am a Design Addict.

But I have shed my old “More is More” philosophy.

My New Strategy of “Less is More” seems appropriate for this stage in my life.

My body is giving me enough trouble.

I don’t need to worry about my possessions too.

As a designer and passionate traveler,

I always brought home little pieces of the places I visited-

England, Europe, Asia and South America.

My husband said my motto was:

“Anything worth doing is worth over-doing.”

Through the years I have collected Majolica, Antique Photo frames,

Antique Honey Pots, Antique Bee Skeps, Buddhas,

Staffordshire Dogs, Antique Shell Boxes, Inkwells,

 Antique French Birdcages

….ad nauseum.

Each piece had a memory attached to it.

I think I have finally discovered I don’t need to keep things in order to keep the memories.

They served a purpose for all the years I was developing my style .

I was feathering my nest and creating a place that felt safe and beautiful for me & my family.

A few years ago, I sent my entire collection of 125 pieces of Majolica to auction,

just to prove I could live without it.

Slowly, I have been removing other things, a few pieces at a time.

It’s a work in progress.

Most accessories are now packed away in boxes waiting to be sold or given away.

 I see clearly my possessions are not what give me the most pleasure.

 I  know how to give myself the comfort I need without all the stuff.

My friend once told me: “Possessions are props”.

They are set decorations for your play.

I no longer need a lot of props.

My play continues without them.

 As I age, I realize my focus is now on my life and how I am living  it.

I haven’t completely reformed.

I’m not living  in one of those teeny, tiny houses with only one piece of furniture,

but I am living with a lot less stuff than I ever have.


It’s not how much or how little you live with- but what you value .

I am fortunate to have a wonderful life, a beautiful family, loving and supportive friends and work that inspires me.

In addition, I also have some

wonderful new things for my home!

There are huge windows in my living room, overlooking the vineyard, mountains and sky.

The view is priceless.


The beauty of nature is my most treasured accessory.

 My new Living Room is warm, comfy and simple……..

made beautiful mostly because of what surrounds it-

 majesty, beauty and the changing colors of nature in every season.

I’m done collecting.

I’m divesting.

I feel free because I’m not overwhelmed by the weight of too many “things”.


I  feel I am simply living

and living simply.

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