The Rites of Spring


Everyone takes part in the Rites of Spring;

Animals, plants, humans.

We are all awakening at the same time.

The older I get, the more I love Spring.

It’s about renewal and re-birth.

It’s about life!

I see crocuses bursting through the soil and

I know Spring is almost here.

Everything is about to change.


Flowers are sprouting.

Birds are nesting.



Robins are once again digging in the front yard for juicy worms.

Bluebirds are back in the vineyard claiming their nesting boxes and

A family of Phoebes has returned to build their nest over our side door for the 10th year in a row.

The fish in our pond are moving again, sunning themselves on the surface

after a long, dark winter under ice and snow.


Baby bunnies are being born in the vineyard.


Soon, there will be fawns munching on newly- sprouted grape shoots.


I see patches of green moss and sprouting ferns

in the forest behind our house..

always a good sign!

Everything is coming back to life.

I am coming back to life.

I’ve been watching the Live Bald Eagle Cam in Central Pa. and


and I am in awe

that these birds are so devoted and skilled at caring for their young.

Their huge nest is an architectural

marvel and the mother re-arranges the nest on a regular basis-

moving food and filling it with more grass to make it fluffy for her babies.

There is such symmetry and precision in nature.

We humans seem to be the only disruption in this otherwise perfect world .

One of my favorite days is the first time I smell the earth again- after a long winter.

It’s  called “petrichor” and it’s in that moment


I begin to awake from my winter hibernation.

Even though I am way too old to “nest,”

I do  feel the need  to prepare for the coming of Spring.

I start cleaning out closets, I re-arrange things, simplify.

I’m re-doing the living room,

getting rid of some things, paring down, switching art work, re-arranging furniture.

I’m busying myself with chores as if I am readying my nest for the coming Spring.

I need to simplify inside so I can focus on being outside for the next six months,

filling my spirit with the beauty, fragrances and memories

I’ll need to sustain me next winter.


The garden is calling and I need to find time to dig in the dirt.

I’m ordering seeds and plants and readying the beds for planting next month.

It’s so liberating to throw open all the windows and let fresh air into the house.

I admit freely I do it all winter but my husband doesn’t know that!

 I am always in awe of nature and living here at the Vineyard.

It’s  a gift to be surrounded by simplicity and such beauty,

To see things happen as they should.

The peepers have begun their nocturnal serenade and

soon, there will be evenings on the patio

watching the moonlight through blossoming cherry branches,

listening to the water fall into our pond.


The Rites of Spring are for all to enjoy.

We’re coming out of our

cocoons to become butterflies.

We are born again.

We celebrate new life and the coming of another cycle in our lives.

How lucky we are to be here to see it once again.

How wonderful it is to be a part of it!

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