The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things

We  are not living in the world I wish existed.

But we are living in the world as it is.

We may not be able to change much,

but we can make our little corner of it better for those we love.

If we are lucky enough to have a family,

we have the ability to make

our children much happier and  their lives more meaningful.

  Start with

Appreciation for what is.

Look at the wonder of life around us.


Every day of every season has it’s own beauty.

It is every where- just pay more attention to it:

Cloud formations, rainbows, flowers, the moon and stars, the smell of the earth after rain.

Share that with your children and grandchildren.

Help them experience joy in every day life.


Spend time with them;

hiking, reading, talking, playing.

Show them the magic of a spider’s web-

share your binoculars so they can watch birds and learn the different varieties.

Read to them and with them.


Encourage them to use their imagination.


Watch the stars together on a clear night.

My Dad and I used to sit outside looking at the stars together.

It was such a simple thing, but I vividly remember those times.


Teach them to cook or help them plant a garden.

Kids love to help.

They love to do grown-up things.

Help them learn

how to do them well.

Tell them stories about the family,.

Look into your ancestry and share interesting facts with them.

Show them how important family is in life.

Make sure to have special family dinners and picnics.

Invite your extended family.

Create family traditions they can carry into their future.


Instill in them an appreciation and respect for all life.

Take them to volunteer at a local food bank or animal shelter

Teach them to care for animals and their surroundings.


Take them on nature walks through parks or woods.

Help them put up bird feeders and teach them about the birds that visit .

Feather your nest with good food, music, laughter, love and bedtime stories.

Give freely of your time.

Pass on your love of helping others to your children.

They are stewards of the future.

Prepare them for that.

Most importantly-

 Love them


Teach them to love others.


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