Design Addict


My name is Jan

and I am cross-addicted to Furniture and Decorative Accessories.

( and fabrics)

There, I said it!

I thought I had beaten my addiction.

  I haven’t re-decorated anything in our house since we moved in, over 10 years ago.

If you quit smoking for almost 11 years

you would feel like you “kicked it”- right?

It seemed safe to go back into a furniture store.

It wasn’t!

For the past 10 years, my little “problem” has been lying dormant,

 lurking just beneath the surface….

waiting for something to ignite it.

That something was Pottery Barn

and their damn fabric swatches!

It started so innocently.

It was just a thought.

We should get a new sofa”.


We are getting rid of our two sofas and getting a sectional.

I know, I know……

you are shocked I would be getting a sectional.

Well, that’s how I roll now.

I want a sectional.

It happens to suit my room and my aesthetic sensibility.

It’s going to look great.


Anyway, back to the addiction.

It took me four months but I

 finally found the perfect fabric and sofa.

It’s ordered!

 Mission accomplished.



I don’t have a lot of pattern in the room.


I’m going to need a great area rug and some pillows to pull every thing together.

No biggie.

But, there is the matter of needing another chair.

The sectional is not taking up nearly as much room as the two sofas did.

I think a nice leather club chair is just the piece I need,

and it will add another texture to the room.


I might actually be done!

Maybe not.

Come to think of it,

I remember seeing a great bench at Pottery Barn that would be perfect with the new sectional.

 I’m just going to think about that for a while.,

because I am in control of me!

A Design Addict wouldn’t be able to do that!


I went to Pottery Barn this morning to return a sample

of the PERFECT RUG I had just purchased.

I  happened to see a really great Floor Lamp!

I’m not talking about your average “I guess I could live with it” floor lamp.

I’m talking about a really great

“this will elevate my room to a new level floor lamp.”

(Those come along about as frequently as Haley’s Comet!)

 I did not buy it- because

I am in control .

I did, however, photograph it and put it in the “must have” file.

I could go on but I think you get the point.

 There it is…….

 10 years of abstinence… right down the drain.

This is a cautionary tale for All Design Addicts.

You cannot go into Pottery Barn without dire consequences…

not even for something as innocuous as a fabric swatch.

Because when you are a Design Addict, there is no such thing

as a “harmless”accessory!

Once we start.. We cannot stop!

There is no cure and

 Happily…… no treatment program for us!

Right now,

I know all these wonderful pieces are coming to transform my room.

Because of that,

The sun seems to shine more brightly. People are somehow friendlier.

I guess that’s the addiction talking.

Who Cares.

My new room is going to be FABULOUS!

Now that I’ve had a chance to reflect on these actions,

I must admit… I might be a Design Addict.

But……If you’ve read this entire post,

you probably are too!

One thought on “Design Addict

  1. I definitely am ! I’m working on my living room now while redoing two bathrooms and thinking about what I will do next ! Don’t tell Al !!!


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