My Valentine

“I love being us”

This is how the card to my husband begins……


Valentine’s Day has never been one of my favorite holidays.

 It always seemed too “formulaic”.

There was always a definition, an expectation of what was romantic…

cards, dinner, flowers, jewelry….

I didn’t like celebrating a Holiday defined by someone else’s idea of what my love life should be!.

I don’t want to dress up in red lace lingerie and stiletto heels.

I don’t want to lounge in a champagne glass whirlpool or throw myself on a heart shaped bed.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone needs to see that!

Lately, I have begun to re-define Valentine’s Day in my mind;

not as a celebration of what others believe our relationships should be,

but as a celebration of what each relationship has come to be.

The destination at which we find ourselves here and now, as a couple.

My husband and I tease each other unmercifully.

We laugh a lot.

That’s “our thing”

It might not be “Your Cup of Tea”.


It is “Our Cup of Tea,”

It works for us.

That’s something to celebrate.

We might not be what you would expect us to be.

We are not what we expected to be.

But we are “us,”

a unique amalgam, created from our experience,

happiness and disappointment,

confusion and clarity,

and finally,

tolerance, understanding and acceptance.

But underneath it all,

there was always

our own special version of “us.”

Isn’t being wholeheartedly “us” what this Holiday is about?

Isn’t that what we’re celebrating?

This Valentine’s Day,

Whatever kind of “us” you are,

Whatever it means in your life,

Celebrate in any way that appeals to you.

Buy Schmaltzy Cards & Dozens of Roses,

Twirl yourself  in Saran Wrap.

Smear yourself in whipped cream.

Or, lounge in bed eating chips and watching old movies .

It’s all good!

Don’t feel compelled to do anything

other than what you want to do…..

But whatever you do…

” Celebrate.”

Celebrate Finding Love


Creating your own, unique version of “us”


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