Are We Too Old To Be Stylish?



The answer is, of course:


As long as we have breath in our shrinking, aging little bodies we need  to look good;

especially for ourselves!

I’m so tired of older women saying :

” That’s not really appropriate for me”


” I need to dress my age.”

What does that mean, anyway?

There is a way to dress every body type at any age so that it looks great.


What’s even more important is: the way you dress is a form of self expression.

Be joyful

Be fashionable

Be your true self!

The secret is not to be afraid.

Don’t be afraid of criticism or of others judging you.

Maybe they’re checking you out because you are fabulous!

Or maybe they wish they had your style.

We may not look like we did 40 years ago on the outside.

But we know that our spirit is still…

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