Bird Lover

Living in the midst of nature adds so much to our lives.

For me, nothing delights more than the variety of birds we have all around our house in the mountains.

Every season of the year, there are wonders to behold.

I am awed every day by their antics, their beauty and their delight in the treats they find when they visit;

especially during snowy winters like this.

We have numerous birdhouses around the property.

We have bluebird houses on posts at the end of rows of grapevines and

older, multi-family houses hanging on beautiful, old trees around our pond.

There is always a place for visitors.

Lately, I have been occupied making special treats for them,

with nuts, dried fruit, berries and seeds.


Try this simple treat: peanut butter, rolled oats, raisins.

Fill half an orange, hang in a tree and watch the birds enjoy the buffet!

Or, just buy a really good quality bird seed .

But do something for them!

All these things provide the energy needed to keep them warm

and help them survive

during these bitterly cold nights.


Also- try to provide drinking water for them throughout the winter.

I believe Wild Birds Unlimited sells a coil to keep your bird bath from freezing.

They visit first thing every morning and feast throughout the day until an hour before dark.

 I love birds and everything having to do with birds.

It started years ago and I have no explanation for it.

Outside there are the birds

and inside…….

I have many old birdhouses, cages, nests and other treasures.

Here is my beautiful antique, hand painted pencil box.


and my antique copper  “stamp box”

This is just a part of my cherished, old bird house collection.



I think my favorite piece is this Hand Carved Chickadee Mirror.

It hangs in the back hall to welcome friends and family.


So, as you can see- I have an addiction to Birds!

I also admire them immensely.

They build wonderful nests for their babies and use every thing they can find to construct the nests.

I have old nests made of string, horse hair, plastic twist ties, moss etc…….

Birds are most inventive and the ultimate recyclers!


They are good parents to their babies- always foraging for food and helping them stay in the nest.

Both mother and father help to feed the family.


We have” Phoebes” that build a nest above our door every year.

When the mother flies away to find food, the father stays with the babies.

When she comes back, the father goes food hunting.

And when it’s time, they have the courage,

unlike some of us,

to send their off-spring out of the nest-

to make lives of their own.

(The baby Phoebes left the nest right after this photo was taken)


I love having bird houses around the property. Not only does it help when they are nesting in the Spring-

but they also need shelter in the winter.

Just this year, some of the birds have taken up residence in this old, abandoned Hornet’s nest, hanging on our shed.

I’ve seen them go in during snowstorms.


They are nothing, if not industrious.

We could learn a few lessons here!

Because we all inhabit this planet together-

we need to take care of each other.

We need to help care for the animals and the birds and people that share our space.

We are stewards of this world.

We are responsible-

even if we only take responsibility for our little part of the world,

it will make a difference.

Do what you can do and encourage others to do the same.

Enjoy all the beauty around you!

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