A Wardrobe that Works

We all have pieces in our closets that we loved when we bought them.

Now…..we have no idea what to put with them to create an outfit.

I don’t know about you- but I am DONE with that!

My new motto is: If you wouldn’t buy it today- get rid of it.

Every one needs a wardrobe that works!

You need to look good and you need lots of options.


Only buy things that you really love and

think about how to mix with what you’ve got, before you make the purchase.

Accessorize it.

Wear it.

 If it doesn’t work for you- get rid of it!

Creating a Seasonal wardrobe requires that we

 focus on a basic color combination and accent from there.

For this post, I am focusing on Navy/White and Red Accent.

You can use Black/White + Any accent color.

Or….. you could do Navy/White with  Chartreuse

or a Yellow accent.

If you like Black /Khaki, you can do that too.

You might consider Navy/Khaki and red accents…


If you’ve got the money, you can expand the scope of your wardrobe

by using several accent colors!

The possibilities are endless.

Think about what colors you look and feel best wearing.

What colors always attract you?

What do you really love?

Start with three top pieces:

I chose a Navy Sweater Jacket

A Navy & White Stripe Moto Jacket


A Red Blazer.

 Build from there.

* A good addition might be a nicely fitted jean jacket

You might already have some of these pieces or similar pieces in your closet .





Personally, I love mixing patterns like paisleys, with stripes and polka dots.

For instance-

You could accessorize a red jacket with the blue/white striped top

and accent with one of the scarves ,

& finish with blue pants or jeans.

It works and it’s interesting.



find two pairs of pants that you like in solid colors and one pair of jeans.


*If you like, you can expand these choices with a striped pant or patterned pant,

As Spring turns into Summer- you can also add a pair of white jeans.


Pick three blouses which can be used for work, day and dinner, etc……

One should be white.

I love the paisley blouse because it adds interest with a plain navy/white ensemble.

The blue/white stripe shirt on the right looks stylish and is perfect for casual or business wear.


These shirts are basics for every wardrobe and are flattering to every figure.

Pop the collar and it “makes”  the look.

The skirts I’ve chosen are

Navy/White polka dot skirt ( small pattern, but it’s there)

Navy and white stripe long skirt


Navy pencil skirt on the right

* You could substitute a floral print for the stripe skirt

or Substitute a short stripe skirt for the long skirt


You need several tees to make this  wardrobe casual enough for fun weekends and vacation.

You should have a solid navy and red tee, as well.

(I know you have some white tees in your closet!)


Accessories make this wardrobe work.

Find a scarf or two that works with blouses, skirts, pants & jackets

You can also use a scarf that is an accent color for the basic Navy/White wardrobe.



Add a pair of flats, a striped moccasin and a pair of kitten heels


Buy a Really Great Bag.

The bag should work with your entire Spring/Summer Wardrobe.

I love this Michael Kors”Hamilton” Bag:

It can also be used as a Shoulder Bag.

It’s stylish, simple and works with casual or business looks.30S5GGRT3U-0905_IS

Look around your closet.

See what you have,

Practice putting your outfits together.

See what jewelry works with the new wardrobe.

Have some fun.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

That’s what life ( and fashion) is all about!



I read a Tom Ford quote recently that said:

” Dressing well is a form of good manners”

I love that

and I believe it.

You will love yourself and your day when you take the time to look great.

It gives you confidence and that is magnetic.

You might also “make” someone else’s day

Just because you took the time to look wonderful and you’re smiling.

Try it and see what happens!

One thought on “A Wardrobe that Works

  1. Jan, I always have tops with no bottoms and bottoms with no tops. Thanks for the advice. I’ll try harder to match things up better. I love Talbots,
    too. Time to start shopping !!


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