Secrets of a Stylist

 “ Fashion is Architecture. It’s a matter of proportion.”  ……. Coco Chanel

I know… I know…..

I’m not supposed to share styling “secrets” with potential clients!

But my attitude is:

Share the Knowledge!

Let’s all look as good as we possibly can!

Here are a few questions you must ask yourself :

“What is my Body Type”

“What do I want to accentuate?”

“What do I want to minimize?”

Take a long look at these images and decide which one you most closely resemble.


I’m going to address three body types in this post, although there are many more.

Shoulders wider than hips- with little definition at the waist… or

The Inverted Triangle


Like many others, I am an inverted triangle-

which means my bottom half is considerably smaller than my top half.

Usually, we have an athletic build, with broad shoulders, not much of a waist, slim hips and legs.

Inverted triangles look best in skirts right above the knee.

With skirts, we should try to wear a heel .

Take advantage of the great legs and highlight them whenever possible.


 Jackets should be a bit longer than the waist to create length.

 Wear pattern in skirts or pants, but wear solids in blouses, jackets and tops.

(unless you’re wearing a blouse layered under another piece.)

You might also wear a  smaller “all-over pattern” in a jacket

such as a  herringbone, check, tweed, or stripe.

Slimming Blouses are better than over-sized tops.

 You can wear a longer top with skinny jeans or leggings,

especially if it’s asymmetrical

or not too bulky.

Patterned skirts and pants are also  a good choice.

Dramatic , patterned accessories should be confined to the lower half of our bodies.

Scarves are fine and a statement necklace works, especially is it’s a little longer.




The Next Body Type :

Narrow Shoulders, Small to Medium Bust, A Waist on the Smaller Side and Full Hips & Legs…

The Pear Shape


Here again; visually, cut yourself in half and look at what needs to be accentuated

and what needs to be minimized.

 Your focus should be to widen your upper body a bit to balance more with your lower body.

Some things to consider for this body type are:

Fun, Flirty skirts

especially if your top is a pattern or horizontal stripe- which widens your upper half.

You will have lots of options for your tops.

You can use lots of details at the neck: prints & varying necklines.

Stay away from tight narrow leg jeans, pencil skirts and leggings.

They will only accentuate the the disparity between your top half and bottom half.

A Statement necklace would be a great accessory.

 You are also able to wear an empire style dress or top, as well.


Our last Body Type features:

Broad Shoulders, Wide Torso, Average to Full Bust

Thinner Arms & Legs, Somewhat Flat Bottom……

The Oval/ Apple


Good Body Type for wearing:

Open Blazers

( creating a slimmer, longer silhouette)

A- line dresses or Skirts

Darker Colors/ Solids for the top half

Boot-Cut  Jeans

Trousers with a straight leg or a bit of flare

Open Sweaters or Longer pieces to create a longer silhouette

Bold Accessories at the Neckline or above Bust

Pieces to create a visual waistline

Don’t make the mistake of wearing big, bulky tops on top and leggings on the bottom.

It’s common to think  it would camouflage your top half,

but it really only adds to your “proportion issue”.



This is a Basic Guide to a few Basic Body Types.

You may fall in-between these categories.

Or you may be one of the other body types.

There is a lot of information  available on the internet if you need more specific ideas.


Make a comment , ask a question on the blog or on Facebook and I’ll answer it for you.

I hope this information will be “food for thought……” a place to start

before we actually start putting your wardrobe together.

For now, decide which body type you have.

Think about what  pieces  you already have which might be flattering to your body type.

In the next post, we’ll address putting together a working wardrobe.

The most important thing to remember is this….

No matter what the shape ,

We are all beautiful.

I stopped hating the limitations of my figure years ago.

We need to make the best of what we have been given

and celebrate our uniqueness……our spirit.

Find pieces you love, try them on and then stand back and look at yourself.

Does this reflect your inner joy, your wit, your personal style?

Does this outfit tell those who look at you something about the person residing within?

If it does…

Wear it and wear it with confidence and style.

Watch others take notice.

Your confidence in how you feel and look will affect others around you and their reaction to you.

I know this for a fact.

There is only one you.

Celebrate Your Unique Self & Your Unique Style.

Above all……

Let them see your spirit.

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