New Beginnings….. Let’s Start with your Closet

The Hustle & Bustle is over;

so are the Holiday Parties, the Gifts and the Excitement.

 We’re left with  bills, depression, the prospect of a long winter ahead and

 5-10 extra pounds.

Even I’m depressed!

It’s always such a let down after a big event…A Holiday,  A Wedding, A Great Vacation….

So, we need to create a purpose for the dreary time ahead.

In all honesty, these are usually my most productive months

because I get organized,

I get my creative juices flowing and

start projects I don’t have time for (or an interest in)

during the rest of the year.

Our first project is the Wardrobe/Closet Edit.


Not Glamourous: but oh so necessary for your mental health!

And it’s the first step in your Winter Style Makeover.

Now is a great time to lay every thing out on your bed,

see what you have, what you don’t need and what you might donate.

It’s a great time of year for this because many people are in need of coats, dresses, sweaters, boots , gloves etc..

so reorganizing your closet won’t just be good for you, it will benefit others as well.


Put it in your car so you can drop off at Goodwill

( or your charity of choice)

next time you’re out.


Blouses, Jackets, sweaters, skirts, pants, jeans…..

When you hang pieces back in your closet, organize in those categories.

By the way, NOW is the time to throw out those nasty wire hangers!

It’s also the time to take clothing to the dry cleaner or seamstress to have pieces repaired or altered.

Might as well do it right, if you’re doing it !


FOLD all your sweaters, knit and cotton tops, turtlenecks etc..

 Place on a shelf or shelves in your closet. Arrange by color.

If you hang them, they will stretch and look shabby.

 Now… for Belts & Hats


I have all my belts thrown over a quilt rack for easy access.

 A quilt rack is what I happen to have.

Anything like this will do.

Use your imagination.

Re-purpose things you already have, if you can.

I love the photo above, showing belts on a dress form.

You can actually get one like this fairly cheaply

at places like Hobby Lobby or Home Goods.

Jewelry & Scarves


 All my necklaces are hanging and my bracelets are displayed in bowls on my dresser.

              Make a display out of your storage, so that things are accessible and pretty.

If you do this, you’ll have more space, because not every thing will need to be hidden in a closet.


You need to get things organized

so you can see what you actually have.

You’ll be surprised at what you might find!

Once you know what pieces you have to work with,

you can easily create outfits for your every day life.

To get you started

I’ll help you create a 10-12 piece wardrobe capsule in my next post.

The closet purge is not glamorous, but we need to do it!

            Organizing your closet & clothes will lift your spirits…

It’s one major task completed!


 You’re finished with the closet.

Now, do something for your spirit.

Light a fire or start a good book.


Put on some great music.

Just be in the moment.

Good things are coming.


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