Winter is a Wonderland

I know you’re not feeling that way at this moment.

But right after the Holidays,

when all the lights and decorations are put away,

there is an opportunity to see things clearly,

without artifice…..

Without the Champagne Party Brain!

Take a moment to look outside.


There’s real beauty all around.

Today it happens to be snowing.

 I saw snowflakes the size of cotton balls!

I have never seen anything so amazing

in all my life.

I tried to take a photograph, as I was driving up the mountain

( in the snow!)

 It just didn’t capture the magic of that moment.

But, I’ll always remember those “cotton ball” snowflakes

and the way they made me smile,

as things do when you see them for the first time.


As I sit here at my desk,

All the Birds

are happily buzzing the feeders today,

grateful for a little feast during the snowstorm.

I love to look outside and see that life is still happening,

even though every thing might look dead at first glance.

  Deer live in our Vineyard year round and usually dine on grapes and young vine shoots, but today

they have gathered to munch on some apples that I put out as a treat for them.

Even our Goldfish continue to swim beneath the glittering, mostly frozen surface of our pond.

I guess the point is this….

Yes, it’s winter. It can be dreary and even depressing,

if we allow it.

But if we look through eyes that see every thing is exactly as it should be,

for right now….

 it changes our perspective


our outlook.

I’m going to take advantage of this lull in my social life

and use the time to organize my mind and my home.

I think I’m finished philosophizing for a little while.

In my next post,

I’m getting back to fashion and style.

We’ll begin a Mid Winter Style Makeover with our Closet Edit.

We need to get ready…

Spring IS Coming… Eventually!

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