Style for the New Year


The New Year seems like a great time to make some changes…

and there are tons of resolutions to be made.

I suggest only one to you……..

Be More Like You!


Whatever that means- figure it out and do it.

Dress more like you

Look more like you

Live more like you

Entertain more like you..

Decorate more like you

Just be more like you…..

 at the next level.


I am going to try to be less

because that is the next level for me.

I’m going to “pare down” the accessories in my home

so the view can be a real part of the decor.

I’m going to be less predictable

in the way I dress.

Ralph Lauren Fall Winter 2013 New York Fashion Week6a4b575e21ffe6241fe1c2633aa56fd6e25ad50247f2e65c9f437b5e24b0224a234e43e2aa5ce146cdca25dc7affbb7c

I feel like a Bohemian one day and a preppy the next and I no longer see the conflict in that.

I am many styles and many people- all living under one little roof.

That’s the beauty of your true style.

It changes, it evolves- it frees you to be whoever you are on that particular day.

Take advantage of that.

It’s a huge gift!

I used to think I had to pick ONE STYLE- that everybody got only one.

But the truth is we get to be whatever we want, whenever we want and we can keep on changing.

 Create Yourself, Create your Life

Live it, Love it, Love yourself and Embrace it all!

We are here to create and grow.

The New Year is a fantastic point in time to create that change.

Happy New Year to the Newer, TRUER,  Version of You…..

Whoever you are!


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