Home for the Holidays

Your Holiday Home is like your every day home,

only better…..

 Brighter and  More Sparkly!


Remember all the wonderful things you do for your family throughout the year

and do more of them.

Feather your nest for the long winter.

Bring out the fluffy throws and  pillows.

Now is the time to make every thing warm and cozy.


Decorate with Fresh Greens.

Nothing is more wonderful during the Holidays than

the fragrance of Balsam and Pine Boughs.

Build a crackling fire.

Play wonderful music.

Watch Classic Holiday Movies with your family.

(I recommend “Holiday Inn” with Bing Crosby)

Light Scented candles.

Bake Cookies

Gather with friends and family.

 Enjoy the beautiful lights in this Winter Wonderland!

Listen to the silence when it snows.


Everyone seems happier now.

Our hearts are a little more open.

Feelings of kindness and tolerance toward others are more abundant.

We tend to open doors for strangers,

smile and say “hello” to people.

We donate more time and money to good causes,

we feel more gratitude for all we have.


The Holidays tend to bring out the best in all of us.

It’s because we are all part of the same thing.

Billions of us are celebrating this Holiday together

as inhabitants of this small planet.

The process itself tends to bring us a little closer.

Your home should be a reflection of what’s going on in your life:

A Celebration!


You might want to plan a small “get together” for family and friends.

It doesn’t even have to be an elaborate dinner,

 It could be Champagne and Desserts.

Whatever you decide, just make it beautiful.


 I always set up a Champagne Bucket and glasses on a small table so it seems like a Champagne Bar.

 Put a fragrant green wreath behind it and  you’ve got a striking display

The photo on the right shows a beautiful tray of Port & Biscotti.

So simple, but still impressive!

If you’ve decided on having Dinner, don’t forget about your Holiday Table.

I saw this photo last year and thought the idea was adorable,

especially if you have children or grandchildren.


What a charming way to bring color and whimsy to your meal.

Put flatware in each stocking or fill with small candies or favors

for the children and

send the stockings home with them.



Place a cinnamon stick and some fresh cedar on your napkins and tie with twine or raffia.

Mix the dishes you have with Tartan plaid for a festive look.

 Bring out the good china and cloth napkins.

It’s a special occasion!


 Use lots of fruit, candles and greens .

Make your table unforgettable!

 Create an “edible” centerpiece by adding cheeses

to a tablescape like this one.


Pile all your apples and greens together in a wooden bowl

for real impact on your table!


Now we need to talk DESSERT!

Do something that has a little Flair…

Make the effort and prepare something elegant for your guests.

 Dessert is the final impression you make on your everyone,

You might as well finish with a flourish!


These desserts are not nearly as difficult as they look.

Recipes are available on Pinterest/Jan McGinley – on my Christmas  Board.

A Classic English Trifle is always an amazing dessert.

These little wreath cookies with cranberry and pistachios are really festive.

Place a few into a small bag with ribbon and they become a wonderful gift

to send home with your guests.

The  Red Berry “Pavlova” Tree on the right is a unique version of the trifle with berries and meringue.

your guests will love it!


You want to show your guests you put some effort into what you do.

 Most of all, you want them to know you do these things

because you love & care for them.

This is just one way to show it.


Fill your Holiday Home with all things wonderful,

especially love and laughter!

 Enjoy being together to share the beauty and joy of this Holiday.


Oh…. I almost forgot the most important thing!

Remember to put a Big, Festive Wreath on your Dog.

The dog will hate it, but

It’ll be a Great Christmas Card for next year!

2 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays

  1. Beautiful & inspiring!…I love the flatware in stockings, the trifle and the decked-out-dog….(My cat would not put up with that though, lol;)


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