Christmas by Candlelight

There is “something” about candlelight.

Something magical & romantic.

Everything and everyone looks better bathed in it’s warm glow.

I know I do!

So, when it comes to creating instant ambiance,

I always reach for the candles.

Large candles, small candles, tapers, pillars- it doesn’t matter which ones you use,

Just use lots of them.

Make a statement.


When entertaining,

Fill a metal birdbath near your front door with loads of candles to greet your guests.


Place lots of tapers together in a bucket filled with sand,

or bundle together in glass vessels for lots of impact.


If you have a fireplace that can’t be used, fill it with candles

or place candles, greens and logs in a wooden box in the hearth.

(Remember to place candles in glass votive holders if they are near greens).


Make use of your mason jars, small clay pots and herbs in the house.

Float, Fill, Adorn, Embellish.

Use your imagination .

Light the Night!!!!!!!

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