Trend Report Fall 2014

I know we’re in the middle of Summer, but Fall is coming!

So are the new trends:








BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK (once again)…………………..


Many of these new Fall Trends ( and more) are for sale NOW

or will be in a couple of weeks.

I’m always interested to see how designers can create something new, when there really isn’t any idea that hasn’t already been created, in some form.

Most of the time, the Haute Couture Designers think of the most outrageous concoction and then put it on the runway.

It’s all about the “BUZZ”

The pieces are never really produced.

They’re pieces of art and give people something to talk about.

The Fall Collections inspire the ready to wear lines. Colors, fabrics, lengths, details, combinations.

This is why we care.

 The fashion we will see in the stores next month is really loosely based on these design themes put forth months ago on the runway.

So, now you know some of what’s coming.

I’ll be featuring more new trends in my next post. Stay tuned………..

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