Musings on Style

Life is an art.

Style is the art of living your life from your unique perspective.

There is no way to actually measure how much style a person has;

 1ed595ebce907c5c70b5cf7984e1592d 7d53aa43b51a7874b7179d485ba490f5 78a54d632cc2af07a7365d048befcb26)

 ……..with the exception of Audrey, Jackie & Grace.

They are beyond iconic ( along with a few others)

My theory is that you must know yourself and be confident in what you create as your personal style.

If you are true to yourself, in all you do……you  will have style!

What anyone else thinks is irrelevant.

Style is not just about fashion.

It’s about how you see the world and how you see yourself in the world.

Your style is revealed in how you dress,

how you decorate your home,

how you entertain,

the way you present your food,

the gifts you give,

the way you wrap them.

Your style is in every thing you do.

It’s your perspective on life.

A stylish person should be appreciated even when the style is something other than yours!

Here are images that reflect style.

They might not all reflect my taste, but that’s not important.

I never deny myself the opportunity to appreciate style, of all kinds, when I see it.





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