Simple Safari

I love neutrals.

I love animal prints.

I love texture.

This season they all come together

to create a simple, but sophisticated “Safari” look.

Textured sweaters and chunky necklaces complete the look.

 Animal prints are never out of fashion!

But just a touch will do.

They are so much more effective when used with a little restraint.

photo copy 4

The safari look is really based on a pared down men’s style.

This Old Ralph Lauren Ad Campaign  Photo from 1984


illustrates perfectly what safari style has been for women throughout the yearsi

Now you have a chance to update the look for real life.

I know you’ve got plenty of black, brown and khaki in your closet.

Why not take a few pieces, put them together and shop for the perfect accent-

something like the little bamboo clutch or a great chunky necklace or cuff.

Or try some whimsy and add a straw hat and boots.

Mix old with new


You can even use your solid colors together and pop them with an animal print scarf-

or animal prints shoes.

Experiment and see what new looks you can create.

Remember- our look is “Simple Safari”.

Go light on the animal prints and heavy on the textures.

Enough said…..

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