Beach Bliss


I am so excited for the coming of Summer.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the beauty and restorative powers of the Ocean.

Last year I spent 5 absolutely PERFECT days at the beach with a friend.

Every day was more beautiful than the last and now I realize that even though I love living in the mountains; the ocean is where I feel most peaceful.

So, looking forward to my two beach vacations this Summer,

I now start planning what I will wear at the beach.

I’ve stopped thinking about bathing suits because they are out of the question for me.

Instead, I concentrate on outfits for walking the boards, bicycling, going to dinner or just relaxing on the porch.

I am usually a black or black & white kinda girl, but for Summer…..

I am breaking my own rules!

Chartreuse & Navy

Orange & Navy

Orange & Hot Pink

Paisleys and lots of stripes

Scarves are such a great way to bring an outfit to a new level and

there will be scarves around this neck this summer!

photo copy 2

Join me… get a little crazy this summer. Try color and pattern. Be bold.

Be Happy… Go to the Beach and find a little BLISS!

p.s.  The caricature of me was a gift from my friend, Marcia Graff


The  clothing is from Talbot’s current Beach Collection

2 thoughts on “Beach Bliss

  1. Hope you don’t mind- posted the article on my rental shore house page, feel the same way about the #seashore! Bathing suit time makes me gringe & a cover-up is now a necessity. Black is also my attire color choice for most of the year, so while I’m at the shore it’s fun to wear breezy easy colorful outfits, hats & s flip flops! Have a great Summer!


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