The Classic White Shirt

I’m sure you’re thinking “who cares”… but trust me, you should care.

This simple little shirt can cover a multitude of sins and make you look fabulous.

As we get a little older, it becomes more necessary to use the art of camouflage when we dress..

Don’t like your arms? Have a little extra flesh around your bra line? Got a few extra pounds around your waist?

Fear not, ladies….

The Classic White Cotton Shirt will save you!


I know there are t-shirt people and shirt people,

but at a certain point in time,

the t-shirt option just doesn’t work unless it’s layered under something else.

But our classic white shirt……..

Wear it in or wear it out, collar up, collar down, sleeves rolled or full length and peeping through the bottom of a jacket sleeve.

Pop it with a great chunky necklace or glam it up with pearls. Either way, it’s a smart look

 Un-button a little to create a V silhouette., taking the focus away from your middle.

The little white shirt is classic, timeless and yes; even elegant.

Worn under a Chanel style jacket, with a chunky pearl necklace,

it becomes a timeless piece.

Layer it under a jacket and tie a ribbon around the neck,

and you give it a completely Parisian flare.

Throw pearls on, under a little cardigan with your favorite pair of jeans.

You’ll look spectacular.

Pair it with a long taffeta skirt for the holidays and

people will admire your fashion sense.

Try a longer white shirt with leggings and boots.

Belt it or just put on a pair of great earrings and lots of bangle bracelets

You’ll look a little bohemian and totally together.

Put  on your husband’s white shirt after your shower and even HE will think it’s totally sexy!

Dress it up, Dress it Down

It’s the chameleon of the Fashion world.


Learn to appreciate the versatility of this simple little piece in your closet that can do so much for you,

in so many different ways.

Start wearing one and

experience the transformative effect of the Classic White Shirt.

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