Parisian Style


Paris is Fun!

It’s the best place on the planet, as far as I’m concerned.

Parisian Fashion is even more fun!

You will see every thing under the sun in Paris and  almost  all of it will be amazing!

I’ve seen women in simple outfits with a scarf tied so uniquely and seemingly effortlessly ,

I just wanted to stop one of them and ask her to show me how she did it.

Of course, by the time I ask the question in my head and then translate into French- she is long gone!

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There are women so elegant they look like they stepped out of the pages of  Paris Vogue,

and women casually dressed with one accessory that

makes the outfit unforgettable.


There are women wearing simple suits with the most stunning brooch you have ever seen.

Or wearing jeans and a Chanel jacket with yards of pearls.

It honestly doesn’t even matter WHAT they are wearing.

They are unforgettable because of HOW they are wearing it.

All of it  is done with style, attitude and elegance.

You can read about how to do these things… but that won’t get you there.

It must be ABSORBED on some level.


When I go to Paris, I sit at a cafe or in a Park and I simply watch; sometimes for hours.

I try to absorb the attitude, the elegance, the point of view.

I just want to soak it all up.

Eventually, I realize  what I really need is a better sense of myself, a clearer vision of my own style.

We all need to develop our own point of view and then have the courage and confidence to express it in every way.

Women in Paris have that.

They use fashion to express who they are and they exude a particular sense of style while doing it.

Parisian Women are not fashion” lemmings “

Every piece they purchase has a purpose and will transform pieces they already have into something even more unique or “au courant”.

Their goal is to make an outfit yours and yours alone.

There are lessons to be learned here!


You are unique. You have your own individual style and inner voice.

Find it and take a step toward it every single day.

There is nothing more seductive  than a woman who knows who she is

and isn’t afraid to create her own style.

When you are able to do that, you will find a confidence you never knew you had.

When that moment comes… you will have found your

Parisian Style.

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