When you Fall in Love…..


When you fall in love , it’s a wonderful thing. I’m not talking about “just for tonight” kind of love.

I’m talking about  Real Love!

The kind of love that says:” I could wear you for an entire season and never be bored.”

That is rare. At least for me, it is. But when it happens, this is how it starts:

I’m lying in bed, leafing mindlessly through  a pile of catalogs.

I’m bored.

“Should I get up and brush my teeth now or wait?”

But then……. something extraordinary happens!

 My heart leaps.  I see something ….something wonderful.

I have a Carrie Bradshaw moment & hear myself say:


It’s The One Thing in this whole pile of “meh” that speaks to me.

 It doesn’t even speak, really. It’s actually screaming.

What it’s saying is “Yes, yes, yes”. I’m the One for you!

In this particular case, it  is a pair of Black  skimmer pants from Chicos, side panels of solid black, front and back panels of Black & White stripe.

I didn’t even notice the blouse. I suppose it was nice too.. But those pants!

It was Love at first sight.

The next day, I literally arrived at Chico’s door as they were opening.

I found the  Dreamy Black & White skimmers, I put them on and I marveled at how much I loved myself wearing them.

And I never love myself. They made me feel alive & almost young again!

I could see myself lunching in Palm Beach; laughing, the wind in my hair , looking divine in those pants.

I don’t know why it was Palm Beach. I suppose I just thought the pants were good enough for Palm Beach, and way too good for Allentown.

At my age, any thing that makes you feel  that divine is something that should be purchased….. or married; depending on the situation.

Who knows how these things happen? How we found each other in this Big, Crazy world. I suppose it’s “Kismet”.

So…… I married the pants. I married the hell out of them! Right there in Chicos- I committed to this new relationship in less than 5 minutes. I said “I do” and I meant it!

I paired them with an asymmetrical drapey black top, an insane multi -strand necklace of pearls & beads, a pair of Eileen Fisher Chunky Tiered Heels with ankle straps and a Red Croc bag ( faux, of course)

I was transformed by my love for this simple outfit and how much it seemed to love me back.

Maybe I’ll skip Palm Beach and just go to Paris, instead .These pants deserve to be seen in Paris! I deserve to be seen wearing these pants in Paris.

No one will ever know they’re from Chico’s and that’s not even the point.

They transcend their humble beginnings. They could sit next to Chanel  pants. Who would know?

Today, while thinking about what I would pack for Paris, my Chico’s bill  arrived. The honeymoon is over.

It’s not that I don’t still love the pants. Because I do…. I do! I really do….

But now that I’m married, I can’t just  fly away on a moment’s notice, giving in to every whim.

This is a committed relationship. I have to be practical.

We’re happy together. I don’t need to run off to Paris and be tempted by other pants and tops.

So, we’ll have our lunch  together;  and I know it will be fabulous.

It will just be in Allentown.


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