Floral Glory


I love florals! I always have. I have a soft spot for this perennial favorite .

I’ve always thought of florals  as demure and traditional

so I’m a bit surprised to see them coming back in a Big Way this year!

  Their appeal has always been apparent to me.

Florals are feminine, fun & flirty.

They just don’t seem very “au courant” because they’ve been around forever!

They certainly have a completely different feeling  than many of the other designs  we’re seeing  on runways this Spring

( like bold  black & white stripes, & color blocking)

Is there really any thing that can be done with a floral print that hasn’t been done before?

Probably not, but thanks for trying!

What I do think is that women, no matter what age they might be and no matter what era they live in,  love the feminine aspect of florals.

We have a love affair with flowers.

We love flowers  scenting our homes, we love floral chintz fabrics decorating our homes

We love looking at our beautiful  gardens & we love wearing floral prints.

Maybe not all of it, all the time, but definitely some of it, some of the time.

Some of new Spring/Summer prints are brightly colored and others are muted. We will wear them all..



Florals make us feel pretty.

We look pretty wearing them because they accentuate our femininity and our connection to  nature.

 They are flattering .

I always thought that my generation would retire the floral print( and pearls)

 but I suppose if it was good enough for The Court of Versailles and other European Royalty it’s good enough for this generation.

Congratulations to current designers for recognizing this long standing love affair with florals and caring enough to re-introduce them in 2014.

So, whether the florals come from Dolce & Gabbana , Robert Cavalli,  Forever 21 or Talbots……… enjoy them !

Find one or two that make you feel beautiful

And wear them in all your feminine, Floral Glory!

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