Am I Blue………

011_Banana_Republic_1366-1.320x480 008_Banana_Republic_1366.320x480

Last Night…….

I picked up my latest catalog from White House/Black Market.

I was intrigued to find there were a number of bright blue jackets, prints and dresses among their Spring offerings.

Is it just me, or is that odd? I shop there now & then and I don’t really recall ever seeing much other than white & black.

So, if they were trying to get my attention, they succeeded.

I’m not really a fan of blue

But I do like this brighter version & it’s usually very flattering.

It’s fun & looks modern,so I thought I’d share a few of their photos with you.

I’m also including a couple of shots from Banana Republic.

From what I’ve seen so far,this color way is going to be popular across many brands.

So..I am Blue? I probably will be ….at least for Spring & Summer



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