Beat The Winter “Fashion Blues”…………

It’s almost February. We’re depressed. We have several choices:

We can Shop

We can Eat

We can Organize our Wardrobes

and start getting ready for Spring.

Yes, it IS coming. I promise!

This is the time of  year I usually gain a few pounds because I don’t think too much about the coming of Spring.

I think about now and how miserable I am and how I can make it better with….. chocolate!

But this year, I started looking through my closet and  began to think about how I could make a transitional wardrobe out of the pieces I have

and then how I could accessorize outfits in a new way and add some new color combinations.

The point is…. I’m thinking about fashion instead of eating or shopping.

I’m being creative and getting my mind off the current dreariness outside my window.

So, here are a few photos to inspire you to do the same.

Try a few things on from last Spring/Summer’s wardrobe.


Take an hour or two, throw things on the bed and start making new outfits. Just have some fun.

It’ll give you inspiration for what’s coming.

There’s COLOR!

Stripes, Dots, Zebra ,Florals and so much more.

 Hang in there.

Great Stuff is on the way!

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