Become your own style icon……


Yes…. You!

Become the fashion icon you have always admired.

Here are a few thoughts :

We all have too many things crowding our closets.

Edit your closet. Be merciless.

Humdrum pieces ruin the style impact of Fabulous pieces.

Money spent on the mundane is money that cannot be spent on the spectacular.

Your individual style tells the world who you are without words. That’s powerful.

In order to make a style statement, one must first possess style. So, create your style!

You must create it because style cannot be purchased.

( if it could, I would have bought it long ago!)


Buy what you LOVE and what looks good on you.

Know how to mix pieces for the most versatility and impact.

Be Bold. Be Fearless

Understand the impact of the right accessories.. shoes, bags, scarves, and jewelry

Invest your money in  some pieces that add drama

Make sure you have a few fabulous basics in your closet- like the perfect little black dress or a timeless trench.

I happen to be addicted to leopard. So,I’m going to use leopard as an example.

I love it as an accent. I wouldn’t use more than one piece  at a time. But it is a powerful and timeless accent.

Here are a few of  my favorite pieces that I have purchased to give a lot of my basic black and neutral pieces  the “wow” factor.


I have always loved the combination of pearls and leopard- because pearls are lady like and leopard is not.

The combination is unexpected & conveys my personal point of view

My leopard trench coat is a basic in my closet.  It’s reversible to a basic black trench.

I feel  positively Parisian every time I wear it!

 Figure out what makes your heart sing and what makes you feel fabulous.

Buy it and make it work with multiple pieces in your closet.

Don’t settle for things you like. Fall in love with them.

Soon, you will become the style icon you’ve always admired!


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