A Woman Without Pearls…..


Chanel said that a woman without pearls has no prospects in life. I don’t know if I’d go that far, but she was a wise woman

Coco Chanel practically invented pearls for the 20th century woman and Jackie Kennedy made pearls a symbol of fashion and timeless elegance

They endure today and are only expanding in popularity. Girls in their teens wear them and women in their 70’s and 80’s wear them.

Pearls transcend generational differences

I hated pearls when I was supposed to wear them in the 60’s because they were BORING.

Now that I am in my sixties- I love them! (probably because now I am boring)

Pearls are no longer just a single strand on a cashmere sweater (although that is okay too)

They can be serious and demure or funky and fun!

I love wearing big, bold pearls and long strands mixed with short strands, and clasping a crystal brooch to long strands. I love wearing pearl bracelets on both wrists.

I love the idea of pearls worn in exotic combinations. I think my all-time favorite pearl necklace is the one featured below on Anne Hathaway from “The Devil Wear Prada”.

That necklace is quintessential Chanel and updated for the Modern woman.

Every one can wear pearls and look good in them.

If you don’t believe me…take a simple black dress and grab some pearls.  Voila!

(find great, inexpensive pearl necklaces and bracelets at Forever 21 and Express) .

They don’t have to be a fortune to be fabulous

One of my every day favorite ways to wear pearls is with a white blouse, little black cardigan and blue jeans.

They look fabulous, understated and unexpected. I like the “unexpected”.

Next time you need to look timeless and elegant or fabulously bohemian: choose pearls and wear them in your own unique way .

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