Look Great in Leggings…..

Leggings are still here and don’t seem to be disappearing  any time soon!

Here are a few tips on how to wear them and look good.

(Lord knows, you can go to any mall and see a million ways  to  wear them and look bad!)

The cardinal rule to remember is:  LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS.

Do not wear them as pants.

1. Wear leggings under a tunic or long blouse that covers your derriere and your lady parts

(I tried but could not think of another way to phrase this! Sorry……)

There is a certain arrogance in youth that allows young girls to do this-

but we, as women of a certain age, must replace that arrogance with style.


2. Wear leggings under a short dress  or short skirt

( you may have something in your closet you would no longer wear with bare legs, so re-cycle it over a pair of leggings)


3. Layer over Leggings

Wear a  tunic, layer with a shorter jacket , add a scarf if you like and boots. This helps put the look together


4. Wear Leggings with Boots or Ballet Flats



5. Finally……. Feel Confident that you’ve put the look together properly

and you will not only look good but you’ll feel great wearing leggings!

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