The Return of the Peter Pan Collar



Didn’t we hate them in the 60’s, when we were forced to wear them, in part because there was nothing else!

I do think “demure” is very much needed in today’s fashion and the world in general,

but it doesn’t seem “in step” with every thing else I see.

If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the leopard collar version, because it’s the most modern ..

My least favorite is “The Plaid” dress featured above.

It reminds me of a dress my mother bought for me in 1960, which was not a good year for Me, Plaid  or the Peter Pan Collar!

This version is actually Yves St Laurent.. priced at $4,650.00. Is it me or is that just PLAIN CRAZY!

I must admit: the simple black dress with the white collar is a classic.

It works today as well as it did when Audrey Hepburn wore it in the 1950’s.

All this talk of Audrey and the past is making me a bit nostalgic for the 60’s.

Is it possible that I have missed Peter Pan, just a little?

One thought on “The Return of the Peter Pan Collar

  1. Jan ,

    You were MADE to do this !!! I don’t understand how you so quickly figured this system out but it looks sooooo professional, sharp, and witty . All your years of travel, shopping and reading has made you a natural for this venue ! Can’t wait to see what happens next !


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